Mobilization is basically a process in which we contact and reach community to identify and select beneficiary or the trainees for training programme.

Time and again we have experienced that "Community outreach and mobilization are an important and challenging activity in the entire programme and it plays a very decisive role in the success of the programme."
Hence, considering mobilization as one of the strongest pillars of skill ecosystem, Wazir follows a defined strategy and approach for mobilization -


Research on the area of operation: Before entering into any territory, it's very important to understand it socio-economic environment, its population mix and other topographic features. Accordingly we identify our focus areas depending on our requirement. before going to any area we will identify the per capita income of the area (which helps in identifying low income area), The population mix (for SC, ST and general division), Employment opportunities in the area (to identify the scope of migration) etc.
Selection of the team: Human resource is the most determining factor in implementation of any process/plan. Right identification of the mobilization team is prerequisite for its success. Post identification of the area we always try to hire a local person as mobiliser there, so that he/she can connect with people on local level can speak their language and understand their concerns. Local person not only understands the geography of the area but also knows the thought process of people, which helps him in the correct mobilization.

Training of the mobilization team:and explains the same to parents and candidates. Usually mobiliser knows the programme but is not able to explain properly to the target audience, or sometimes he/she herself doesn't have clarity on certain aspects of the programme and misses key messages in his/her communication which later on becomes a huge challenge to address.
Class room training: In class room training we explain the programme features, key messages, and other details.
On field training: Before giving a responsibility to mobilizer, we make sure that we conduct his on field training along with a senior/experienced mobiliser, in which we show him/her how to contact in community, how to conduct meetings, how to explain programme features and how to address parents' queries.


Live footages of the training centre: During mobilization our mobilisers show the live footage of centre and training activity in the field to all the parents so that they can see and assess the facilities we are providing. This activity also creates a lot of reliability among the parents and enthusiasm among the candidates as they can directly connect with the people now.
Video Conferencing with trained and placed candidates: During mobilization we also connect the parents and possible candidates with our already trained and placed candidates, these candidates share their experiences, their personal journey and their achievements. Since we try to connect with the candidates who belongs to the same place this whole activity brings a lot of authenticity and relatability among the parents and candidates.
Parents – Teacher meeting: We have started conducting a regular parent teacher meet to bring the teachers and parents closer, many times we have experienced that due to parents pressure candidates drop out, since parents don't have clarity on the programme and features. To bridge this gap we are conducting regular PTM's so that parents get aware of the programme, understand its importance and how it will change their child's life. We have witnessed that post these PTM's we got many references and these parents become a major source of word of mouth publicity in the locality.
Training programme of JRP'S and CRP's: We have also started training the community representatives such as Job resource person and Community resource person to bring the utmost level awareness of the skill development initiatives in the community so that more people can avail the benefits of the programme.


Training and Content Quality

With a goal and vision to retain interest of students in learning required skillset for respective job role, and involve learners in their self-development and career-development during training and during their first job -We Engage our Learners.
We make a learner understand how to set career direction, and shape your work-life for maximum success. Moving on to finding out how to get ahead, and then discover how to deal with the many challenges that could otherwise set them back.
We start by Cross verification of Interest of learner for Training & Placement in respective job-role and relocation for placement, if required. This eventually reduces the chance of dropout and increase the retention of candidate's interest in training.
Trainings are conducted for setting career direction of learner with the help of various interest-boosting resources, which are researched, reviewed, and designed to help a learner in taking immediate action to develop their skills. We deliver leadership, team and personal development training to learners in order to make them employable. With interactive content and training session we help learners to enjoy successful careers, and contribute positively to the success of their organizations.

Analyzing the current skill set of learner is done during first few days of joining the center to assesses the competency(s) of an individual that may have been acquired through formal, non-formal and informal learning to determine the extent to which that individual needs the attention of the Trainer during specified training time.
Reasonable adjustment are made to the learning environment and training methods used, to enable students with a disability to access and participate in training on the same basis as those without a disability.
Assessment documentation has been developed for both job-roles as per the standard operating procedure covering the aspect of General knowledge, Basic mathematics, Attitude, Skills and Knowledge in respective job-role.
Recording outcomes is done by means of Assessment evaluation of Trainee on fort night basis and Video recording of student while their presentation during class on monthly basis, to identify & compare the current mindset and level of understanding of the learner with the pre-training mindset and level of understanding of the learner.
Feedback and Improvements are collected about its training and assessment practices from learners, trainers and industry(Employers). Feedback is collected regularly, collated and analysed in order to bring about improvements.

Training of Trainers

As we know, the trainer is considered the professional agent and the most directly responsible person in the process of learning. Hence, we give importance to regular Training of Trainers.
We train the trainers in order to shift from traditional-based or theoretical training to a research-theory-based and activity-based training that informs and inspires learners. We help our trainers in incorporating new research findings in their training practices to improve learning and assure high-quality training.
We Observe and Evaluate trainer's training delivery and performance on a regular basis. Complete analysis and evaluation is conducted on the basis of CCTV monitoring, Live monitoring, Video analysis, various feedbacks from learners, feedback from respective industry people, performance of trainees to name a few.
We re-train the trainers on various aspects to improvise their training delivery, training content, classroom activities; as per the CSAT inputs to improve the classroom atmosphere and achieve business goals through training.


Placement And Tracking

Prior to actual training, Wazir assess the industry requirement and existing skill gap to adopt most suitable course curriculum content methodology. Another important task is to identify the right trainee. Our mobilization team continuously monitor the level the catchment areas for potential candidates who are then taken through a screening process before enrolling to check their seriousness as well as ability to function in the targeted role. While the candidate is getting trained, we continuously monitor the level of involvement and outcome using latest IT based tools and techniques. After successful completion of the training, each trainee is assessed and certified by a third party. Wazir then leverages its industry network to ensure appropriate placement for certified trainees. During initial period of their employment, we track our trainees through regular interaction and handhold them to ease the induction process.