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Student Testimonials

Name- Ramya      Center- Center, Bangalore, Karnataka      

Life was a struggle at every stage for Ramya from Pavagada (V) Thumkur (D) Karnataka (S) but she remained bright and cheerful. She never lost her hopes. Her father basically farmer. She used to live at her relative's house and continued  her education till PUC, after that she stopped her education and started searching for job opportunity.
Her passion for learning kept her career hopes alive. She heard about DDU-GKY program and quickly began garnering information about the skilling program using social media after going through the numerous pass on Facebook page of Wazir Advisor Pvt. Ltd. She joined Retail Sales Associate training course in March 2018.
She learned about Retail industry and the training for improving her skills. She immediately enrolled with Wazir Skills development Center Bangalore. In the month of May 2018, she got placement in Brahmin Tatte Idle Organization in Bangalore at a salary of Rs8000/- along with free Food & accommodation per month as remuneration. She now stands proud as the highest earner in her family and brings a bright ray of hope for the neighborhood.  
Ramya Says- "I am so thankful to Wazir for the training and helping to get the job. I got the job in Brahmin Tatte Idle. I joined in May 2018 and currently my salary is Rs9000.   I took gifts for my parents. Now I am helping my parents and giving to them Rs5000/- monthly. Thank you to Wazir Skill Development Center, because of them my life is changed."

Name- Junmoni Chetia      Center- Lakhimpur, Assam       

Junmoni Chetia hails from a poor family of Lakhimpur, Assam. Her father was the only earning member in the family and his earning was not sufficient enough to run the whole family. Though she was determined enough to continue her study , circumstances made her giving up studies and joining her mother in the paddy filed. Still she secretly hoped to get a good job and support her family . She was just waiting for a ray of hope which finally came to her in form of Wazir Skill Development Center .

She joined Sewing Machine Operator training program in Wazir Tezpur Center . She was very happy to get free of cost training and other benefits from Wazir . She worked very hard during the training period and after successfully completing the training, she got a job in Jay Jay Mills India Pvt. Ltd, Tamilnadu as "Sewing Machine Operator". Her current salary is Rs. 11440 per month.

Junmoni Chetia says - "Wazir has taken me out from my village , provided me free of cost training and helped me to get a job . Wazir has Thank you Wazir"

Name- Ch Ambika      Center- Telangana       

My name is Ch Ambika D/o Venkanna. I come from Khammam of four members and the annual income of my family is Rs.30,000/-. I have completed my intermediate but I could not study further due to the poor financial condition of my family. Then I got to know about the DDUGKY program through my brother who had earlier taken training and told me that it provides job opportunities to the rural and poor youth.
I got enrolled in the training program and got three months training. I made good friends who supported me, participated in various activities and that is how I built my confidence. I learned how to communicate with the customer at the work place. How to resolve a customer's issues etc. Finally after the completion of the training course I got placed in Heritage Foods, East Maredpally, Hyderabad with the starting salary of Rs.8,684/-. I have been working from last 12 months. After joining the DDUGKY my life has changed. My family is very happy. I am very thankful to DDUGKY and Wazir Skills.

Name- J Shivaji      Center-Telangana       

My name is J Shivaji S/o Rajulu. My mother name is Bhadramma. I am from Jattivarigudem(V) Gumdavalli (PO) Ashwaraopeta(M) Kuthagudem(D). I have four siblings. My father is a farmer whose annual income is Rs.30,000/-which is very less for the family members. I have completed intermediate after which I was sitting Idle. Also, I was going to help my father in the field.
I got to know about the DDUGKY through a paper advertisement. I got enrolled in the three months training program at Wazir Skill development center, Hyderabad. There I learned about Retail course, along with that I learned communication skills, basic computers and English. After completing two months of classroom training I got placed in Heritage foods limited, East Maredpalli, Hyderabad with the starting salary of Rs.8,684/-. I am very happy to join the training program. It has changed my life. Thank You DDUGKY and WAZIRSKILLS.

Name- Maina Das      Center-Lakhimpur, Assam       

Maina Das is a simple girl from Ghilamara, Lakhimpur district of Assam. Her father works as a labor and his earning is not sufficient enough to bear the household expenses. After she failed to clear her H.S.L.C she was asked to leave studies and work in the paddy field. Maina did not want to spend the rest of her life working in paddy fieIds and wanted to have a good professional career. So, Maina and one of her friends whose financial condition was also not good, decided to move to Guwahati in search of some opportunities. Then suddenly she came to know about Wazir Skill Development center, Tezpur and the Sewing Machine Operator training under DDU-GKY. She made up her mind to join the training.  

Her biggest problem was to change the mindset of her parents and convinced them to allow her to join the training . With her strong determination she was able to convince her parents and got enrolled in Wazir Tezpur Center.  

According to her – "My life style has changed after coming here. I have made good progress in my life and learnt many new thing. Now I have joined a job in Jay Jay Mills , Tamilnadu as Sewing Machine Operator and earning Rs. 11,440 per month."  

She wants to advice her other friends to join the training in Wazir and achieve success in life. Thank you!

Name- Krishna Dey      Center-Mazbat, Assam       

Krishna Dey belongs to Mazbat, Udalguri district, Assam. There are her mother, father and an elder brother in her family. She was good in studies since childhood. After successfully completing H.S , she was asked to discontinue her studies because of money problem. She was told only her elder brother could continue his higher education. But she had strong zeal to continue her studies. She took up tuitions and got admission in the college by the money earned from the tuition. But it was not sufficient to bear the whole educational expense . She could study up to B.A 2nd semester and then discontinued her studies. Although she was looking after some opportunities to build her life.

Krishna came to know about sewing machine operator training in Wazir Skill Development center from one of her friends. She enquired about the benefits of placement linked training and immediately got enrolled in Wazir Tezpur Center. She was very sincere during the training period and after successfully completing the training she joined Jay Jay Mills, Tamilnadu as a Sewing Machine Operator. Currently she is drawing a salary of Rs. 11440 per month.

Now she is living her life on her own terms and supporting her family . She wants to thank Wazir for helping her to find a new beginning of life.

Name-Moushumi Devi      Center-Sonitpur, Assam       

Moushumi Devi is from Sonitpur, Assam. She has undergone training under DDU-GKY in Wazir Skill Development center in Tezpur. She came to know about the training from the block and got enrolled in Sewing Machine Operator course. In her words- " I am really benefited from this training program. Before taking the training I was unemployed and do not have much education. Because of Wazir, I was able to go out of Assam and earn for myself." Currently she is working in Jay Jay Mills, Tamilnadu as a sewing machine operator and getting a salary of Rs. 11,440 per month. It has been 5 months she is working here. She is very happy working here and supporting her family. Also she has received good feedback from the employer regarding her work. She wants to thank Wazir Skill development center and ASRLM for providing her free of cost training and opportunity to become self dependent.

Name- Aliza Begum      Center-Darrang, Assam       

Aliza Begum is from Darrang district of Assam. She has 6 members in her family- father, Mother and 4 sisters. She could not complete her studies because of financial problem. But she did not want her sisters to suffer like her and wanted to make their lives better. Before coming to Wazir Skill Development center she was at home only and doing nothing. She came to know about free training in Wazir Skill Development center from the CRP of her block. She enquired about the benefits of the training and joined training in Wazir Guwahati center.

Earlier she was very shy and used to talk very less. But after joining Wazir she become more confident and started talking . She has successfully completed the training and got placed in Jay Jay Mill, Tamilnadu. Currently she is working there as a sewing machine operator and drawing a salary of Rs. 11440 per month.

She says – "Now I am able to help my parents. Also,I will help my sisters to complete their studies and to become successful in life.I want to thanks Wazir for helping me in supporting my family."

Name- Anima Kr Das      Center-Tezpur, Assam       

Anima Kr Das belongs to a small village Mazbat in Sonitpur district, Assam. She has only mother in her family . Her father passed away long back. Since then Anima and her mother was going through financial crisis. She could only study up to class 10. She had many dreams and wanted to pursue a good career and support her mother . But due to lack of education she was not able to get a job. She was a member of SHG group of her village and it was the place where she came to know about DDU-GKY project in Wazir Skill Development center. She contacted Wazir Tezpur center and came to know about benefits of getting trained in placement linked Sewing Machine Operator course.

It was like a dream came true for her. She immediately got enrolled in SMO-Knits course in Wazir Tezpur center. She was very active during the training and successfully completed 6 month's training. Currently she is working in Jay Jay Mills India Pvt Ltd in Tamilnadu as sewing machine operator and draws a salary of Rs. 11440 per month.

According to her – "DDU_GKY has helped many needy youth like me to make their life better and fulfil their dreams. Wazir has helped me to support my mother and start a new life .Without this project I would have not been able to do anything."

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