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To us, Skill Development is the key to empower the youth by making them employable and also an important tool to improve industry's competitiveness. Wazir Skills is committed to provide impactful and sustainable training to masses, helping them to develop new skills or enhance their existing skills which are in line with the needs of the industry. The programme as well as its implementation process has been developed over the years by taking learnings from best global models and adopting them in local context.
Our key differentiating factors for Skill development are:

  • Deep industry understanding and extensive network
  • Robust training methodology
  • Team of experienced professionals with global exposure
  • Novel tracking and handholding techniques
  • Excellent assessment, certification and placement record
As a training partner to government bodies, private enterprises and international development agencies, we leverage our vast experience, global network and dedication of our team to deliver the best possible solutions. Our team of over 200 professionals, comprises of social experts, academicians and trainers that work towards the single point agenda empowering individuals to make them employable.


Vocational Education and Training

To us, skill development is the key to empower the youth by making them employable, while on the other hand it is also an important tool to improve industry's competitiveness. Wazir's skill development programme - सशक्त, meaning empowered, lives up to its name. Our programme trains, skills and empowers people to earn their livelihood for life. Wazir is committed to reach out to masses, provide impactful training and help them to develop skills, enhance existing skills which are in-line with the need of the industry.

CSR implementation partner

In accordance with the new Companies Bill 2012, every company registered under the companies law or any previous laws having a Net worth of Rs.500 crore or more; or a turnover of Rs.1000 crore or more; or a Net profit of Rs.5 crore or more, during any financial year has to spend at least two percent of its average Net profit made during the three immediately preceding financial years on CSR. Since children and youth are the future of the country, a number of companies have started actively focusing on CSR activities, with Education and Employment Enhancing Vocational Skills being a key area.

Wazir As a Implementing Partner

Wazir is already involved in changing the lives of people through imparting skill development training in with partnership of various stakeholders. It has trained more than 73,100+ of youths and provided a platform where talented youths can deliver towards the development of country. It is bringing happiness in their families and empowering India.

    Corporate Training

Content Development

Developing training content involves writing materials, and creating learning exercises in order to make the learner job ready as per industry expectations and to make them employable for life. Before we start developing any content or training strategies, we analyze the current situation in terms of respective job role, current skillset of learner, knowledge gaps etc., in order to understand the current situation. Then the first outline and draft of content is prepared.
Content creation goes through multiple stakeholders for inputs, based on secondary research which includes requirements of respective industry HRs, performance of learners and feedback from respective industry. After analyzing the primary and secondary information the content is designed and developed. This includes strategy, delivery methods, structure, duration, assessment, activity, searching/creating appropriate videos.

As we progress through this development phase, we make sure that the training materials and exercises match the required learning outcomes.

The core of training content remains focused on "How can we improve the situation and achieve business goals through training?All subsequent training reflect these outcomes.

Knowledge Papers
We believe quality content is the first step towards effective training. Moreover, wazir regularly brings out sector whitepapers and knowledge papers addressing the current topics impacting the textile, apparel, technical textiles and retail sector.

Baseline Surveys, Impact Assessment & Evaluation Studies

Baseline survey is a descriptive survey that provides the quantitative information on the current status of a particular scenario- for a given population. It is conducted during the monitoring and evaluation process to define an impact of the programme. The outcomes of the survey serves as a benchmark for all the future activities to be conducted during the implementation of the programme. This helps to understand the primary focus area of the programme. Impact assessment study on the other hand, are conducted to understand the quality of the training imparted, employment opportunities provided, feedback of the beneficiaries, change in income level and the overall training impact: sector wise and geography wise. The essential element of impact is change: the ways in which individuals, groups or communities are changed through the programme; the result of the programme.

For all such projects, Wazir does extensive primary data collection, analysis and interpretation. Objectives and roles of relevant stakeholders involved in the programme, are studied. The qualitative information is then analysed to assess the impact and understand the challenges faced by the stakeholders in the project.

Few Projects Executed- Wazir has been involved in various baseline surveys and impact assessment analysis. To name a few such projects- Evaluation study of the CFC/IJSG/21 project- Development and Application of Potentially Important Jute Geo- textiles, Evaluation Study of 12th Plan Wool Sector- Schemes by Central Wool Development Board, Study for 'Scheme of Integrated Textile Parks' by Ministry of Textiles, Skill Gap Study in Textile and Clothing Sector of India- Project by Textile Committee, Ministry of Textiles